Marketing and Promotions

We execute podcast marketing and promotion plans that deliver results.


Marketing an audio product is a unique challenge, with its own set of opportunities, constraints, and best practices.

We have years of experience in podcast marketing. We’ve seen campaigns deliver incredible results and huge business impact. We’ve also seen campaigns fizzle out and fail to gain traction. All Bumper clients benefit from the hard-won experience of past wins… and losses.

We can take your customized growth strategy and help you execute the full campaign across all channels: paid, earned, owned, and internal.

The most effective paid podcast marketing campaigns have three ingredients: the right message, in front of the right audiences, with the right measurement.

Bumper builds and executes paid podcast marketing campaigns that get results: more listeners, more downloads, and bigger business impact.


A press release (likely) won’t turn your show into an overnight success. The best earned media strategies reach prospective listeners where they are: inside the podcast apps they already use, and on the shows they’re already listening to.

Whether you want to pitch a big podcast platform for editorial consideration, cross-promote your show through feed drops or swaps, or pitch guest appearances on other shows, Bumper can help you develop and execute an effective earned media strategy.


Many organizations already have an audience. But it can be surprisingly difficult to effectively drive your audience from social media to your podcast. Or convince readers of your email newsletter to try your podcast. Or encourage your website visitors to open up a podcast app.

Bumper can help you unlock the audience growth superpowers you already have, and effectively integrate audio with social, video, email, and all your other marketing efforts.


Whether you’re making a public podcast that’s available to everyone, or a smaller show meant for internal audiences, your earliest adopters should be the people already inside your organization. If you’re bootstrapping a new show from scratch, effective internal marketing can make all the difference. Especially for large organizations.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest companies. We know what works – and doesn’t – when it comes to converting your employees, members, and other internal stakeholders into listeners and passionate word-of-mouth advocates for your show.

Bumper’s services include

  • Customized paid media campaigns
  • Episode swaps and feed drops
  • Podcast guesting
  • Cross-promo initiatives
  • Podcast packaging
  • Artwork execution
  • Pitching to podcast platforms
  • Creation of complimentary content

Great podcast marketing is measurable. All of Bumper’s marketing and promotion services are combined with customized measurement solutions.