Customized Measurement

Podcast success should be measured against your business goals, not someone else’s.


Podcast measurement has come a long way in recent years. Podcasters now have access to an increasingly sophisticated set of tools and technologies to answer important business questions like:


  • How much time do listeners spend with your podcast?
  • Which formats, episodes, guests, or stories earn the most attention?
  • What should you do more of? Less of?


  • How many followers do you have?
  • How has the size of your audience changed over time?
  • What drives growth? What triggers churn or attrition?
  • How many downloads is a “good” number for your industry/category/subject area?

Audience profile

  • Who’s your audience? How does your podcast audience compare to your video or social or email audiences?
  • What is your show’s demographic and geographic profile?
  • Who else is serving your audience? Who’s your competition?


  • Which podcast marketing tactics drive the most sampling and downloads?
  • Which of your paid, earned, owned, or internal channels work best for attracting new listeners?
  • What is the business impact of your podcast?
  • Once they spend time with your show, how many listeners go on to take some further action: visit a website, sign up for a trial, or purchase a product?

Listener sentiment

  • Do people love your show?
  • How does your podcast impact brand awareness, favourability, and consideration?
  • Are you winning the hearts and minds of your listeners?

A customized measurement solution

Bumper works with your team to design a podcast measurement framework, define KPIs and OKRs, set benchmarks, and deliver regular reports on the things that matter most to your business.