Podcast Growth Strategy

Podcast success isn’t a coincidence. It’s not created through luck. If you build it, they (probably) won’t come. Viral success in audio is rare.


Success in podcasting requires a foundational strategy to create, market, and measure a show without any guessing or hoping. An effective podcast strategy answers fundamental questions like:

  • What are your making?
  • Who are you making it for? Which audiences do you intend to serve?
  • Why is it good for your listeners? What’s in it for them? Why would they listen?
  • How does it help your oranization? What’s the intended business impact?
  • Who’s going to make it? Who’s accountable?
  • How do you measure success?

This strategy work looks at the full lifecycle of your podcast, from ideation and creation to monetization and conversion, to ensure minimal friction for both listeners and stakeholders.

With decades of audio industry experience, we work with you to create the right strategy to help grow your podcast audience and, more importantly, increase the business impact of your audio portfolio.

Success means different things to different organizations: some brands want to reach as many people as possible while other organizations are looking to convey a certain message to a small group of people. How organizations measure success also varies from client to client and we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

We believe in a holistic approach to podcasting. A great show is necessary but not sufficient. A successful podcast needs a thoughtful and well-executed marketing plan. We work with clients on all parts of the podcast creation journey.

Though Bumper does not offer audio productions services ourselves, we have years of experience in content creation, and regularly partner with the world’s best production companies, either in an advisory capacity or through the creation of thoughtful briefs for our clients.

We believe in co-creating strategies with our clients. We bring years of experience in the podcasting space. You bring your unique goals, strengths, and knowledge of your industry and customers. Together, we come up with the right approach.

We typically lead clients through a number of strategy sessions. These sessions yield a podcast playbook document. We talk to all the stakeholders within an organization to fully understand their needs and constraints. The resulting document becomes the guide while the podcast is being produced and released.

Our strategy work is designed to be “portable.” Some clients will execute their podcast strategy in-house. Others have existing agencies that will take advantage of our work. And others will ask Bumper to put the strategy into place. We see all the above as great solutions depending on the client’s needs.